Victory Week

I am winning at this week.

Today, of course, my arms feel like they’re going to fall off, and my butt hurts, and my neck, shoulders, and back feel like I slept on a row of chairs in an airport terminal (this is speculation, since I haven’t actually done that).

This evening’s 20 minutes of [...]


This particular calendar seemed fitting, given the year.

All my applications are in. Now all I can do is wait. When it was still last year, and I was mostly finished but still waiting on letters, I was assuming that I wouldn’t hear back from schools until late March or April. Now that I’ve [...]


Hi, world! I’ll be blogging here as I continue my foray into the world of librarianship. For now, we’re undergoing a bit of construction. Eventually you’ll also see various craft projects, the occasional link to Nom Nom Cucumber, my cooking blog over on Tumblr, and some of my photos.

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