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Advice Moose says hi
Advice Moose says hi

I like advice. Here’s my irregularly updated list of advice that I’ve given myself or gotten from someone or wished someone had given me.

1. Don’t get vinegar in your eyes.

This is not a metaphor.

2. Never wear shitty bras.

3. Sing.

4. Don’t be afraid to be awesome.

Common advice for creative people is some version of “Don’t be afraid to suck.” While this is excellent advice, because actually making your art is the first step to getting better at your art, I think this is just as important. Sometimes, among all the suck, you do something awesome. Recognize it. Tell people about it. There’s no shame in saying “I did this awesome thing!” and feeling proud of yourself. Acknowledge your achievements.

5. Dance.

6. Actually trust the people you trust.

Some of us go through life expecting betrayal at every turn, and so we don’t share our feelings and personal thoughts very readily. I’m not going to say that this is bad, stop right now. There’s nothing wrong with being a private person. But when you find someone that you can trust, be open and honest with them. When they still love you after you’ve shared something important and maybe embarrassing or painful or mean, you’ll start to learn that letting someone be there for you is worth it.

7. Pizza is totally a well-balanced meal.

8. These Amanda Palmer lyrics.

nothing’s ever lost forever
it’s just caught inside the cushions of your couch and when you find it
you’ll have such a nice surprise

nothing’s ever lost forever
it’s just hiding in the recess of your mind and when you need it
it will come to you at night

no one’s ever lost forever
when they die they go away
but they will visit you occasionally do not be afraid

no one’s ever lost forever
they are caught inside your heart
if you garden them and water them they make you what you are

9. Those laundry sorting rules: more like guidelines.

More to come!

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